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Genesis Block’s mission is to realize the disruptive potential of blockchain
and foster its growth and adoption in every aspect of life.

Genesis Block provides strategic business and regulatory advisory, financial services, and technology solutions to companies seeking to leverage blockchain technology in their core business and capital strategy. Our mission is to realize the disruptive potential of blockchain and foster its growth and adoption in every aspect of life.


Strategic and regulatory advisory to help you leverage blockchain technology in your core business and capital strategy
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Financial Services

Digital asset financial services through our broker-dealer affiliate for compliance with U.S. securities laws
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DApp solutions and custom development services to unlock the power of blockchain technology in your company
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Genesis Block and AirSwap Join Forces on Digital Securities

Genesis Block and AirSwap Join Forces on Digital Securities

Genesis Block is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration between our FINRA-registered broker-dealer affiliate, GB Capital Markets, and Fluidity, the team behind decentralized trading network AirSwap. The two companies have joined forces to offer products and services for the creation, distribution and transfer of digital securities using blockchain technology. The collaboration will initially focus on products and services for accredited investors interested in participating in private securities transactions powered by AirSwap’s peer-to-peer protocol. Read more

Security Token Industry
Launch Event

The Security Token Academy declared October 2018 as the official launch of the Security Token Industry. To celebrate, they hosted the Security Token Industry Launch Event, featuring security token leaders, experts and enthusiasts, including Genesis Block co-founder Lee Schneider, who spoke on a panel discussion about regulation. Scott Rothman, president of our broker-dealer affiliate, and Gary Miller from our investment banking team also joined the festivities. Topics included: the technical foundations for the security token industry; tokenization companies and security token trading organizations; regulations; custody and transfer agents; operations, interoperability and cybersecurity; and how all of these building blocks intersect.

Looking for Liquidity?

Blockchain projects often find themselves with a substantial supply of BTC, ETH and BCH, but with few (if any) straightforward and cost-effective options for liquidity. If this sounds familiar, our broker-dealer affiliate can help. Learn more

4 Reasons to Tokenize Equity

So you need to raise capital, and you’re thinking of going digital. You’re not alone. Security token offerings take all that is good about blockchain and cryptocurrency, and wrap it up in a regulated package that is compliant with securities regulations and laws. “Tokenization of equity is poised to disrupt the world of traditional finance, and what we’re seeing now may very well be the beginning of how capital will be raised in the future,” says Genesis Block co-founder Lee Schneider. Read on

GB Capital Markets Joins Forces With BlockEx

GB Capital Markets Enters Strategic Partnership With BlockEx

Genesis Block is pleased to announce a new strategic collaboration between our broker-dealer affiliate, GB Capital Markets Inc., and BlockEx, a digital asset exchange provider for institutional-grade financial markets participants. The two companies have joined forces to provide issuers with access to the BlockExMarkets.com exchange platform in order to accept U.S. institutional customers in a compliant manner ...   Read more

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Appetite for Disruption

Genesis Block co-founder Lee A. Schneider and former SEC Commissioner Troy A. Paredes discuss the FinTech industry with leading participants and thinkers.

Cryptographers Do Cool Stuff, Part 2

Continuing our conversation with Brett Hemenway, professor of computer science at the University of Pennsylvania, we learn about zero-knowledge proofs, why math is fun, and that the kinds of math and cryptography problems he wrestles with require a lot more than multiplication tables. Join us as Lee and Troy conclude that math may rule the world. Listen in

Cryptographers Do Cool Stuff, Part 1

To sum it up, math matters. Lee and Troy are joined by Brett Hemenway, a cryptographer, to look at various practical applications of secure multi-party computation to solve real-world information-sharing problems. Ever want to tell someone something but you’re not sure if you should trust that person? Brett delves into the theory and practice of cryptography in a way you’ll find fascinating. Really amazing. Listen in

Lokke Moerel, Part 2

European AI lawyer Lokke Moerel returns to chat about search technologies and the bubbles we get into, some of the ethics issues related to AI that regulators are thinking about, and how the GDPR got some things right. Listen in

Lokke Moerel, Part 1

European AI lawyer Lokke Moerel discusses a wide range of issues raised by artificial intelligence, including how to build and review data sets, the inscrutability of the output of AI, and various ways in which companies are using it. Listen in

SeedInvest, Part 2

Lee and Troy continue their discussion with Ryan Feit of SeedInvest and learn about the proposed transaction with Circle, some of the early challenges SeedInvest faced, and how passion is a necessary part of any start-up vision. Listen in

SeedInvest, Part 1

Ryan Feit of SeedInvest talks about how he and his team built a leading equity crowdfunding platform and were involved with the passage of the JOBS Act. He also gets into the details of the platforms, features and functions that make crowdfunding securities a new asset class. Listen in

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