Empowering the future of finance

Genesis Block combines the dependability, industry access, and regulatory expertise of an institution-grade DLT services provider with the flexibility, speed, and customer-centricity of a startup.
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We provide an end-to-end package of financial, advisory, and distributed ledger technology services.
From pre-seed to international leadership, whatever the market conditions, we offer client-dedicated, high-touch financial and advisory services every step of the way.
Every new technology is accompanied by its share of hype, misinformation, and under-delivery. This is not our first rodeo. That’s why clients trust us to keep them objectively informed - so you can focus on achieving your objectives.
Our seasoned team and curated expert advisory network bring you deep market and sectoral knowledge across financial, strategic, technical, legal, and regulatory domains.
Strategic Advisory
At Genesis Block, we recognize that our clients’ disruptive potential cannot be realized without focus. Yet that focus can also be a threat. Global market dynamics, technological state shifts, and sociopolitical tremors can pose existential roadblocks to those caught off guard, and offer the well advised startup serious opportunity. That’s why our clients depend upon Genesis Block Advisory.
Regulatory Advisory
A revolution is afoot. Financial applications of distributed ledger technologies offer entrepreneurs, financial service providers, and investors whole new classes of digital assets, ripe for development and deployment. Yet, few areas of commerce involve regulation more complex, variable, or consequential to business success. At Genesis Block Advisory, our clients depend upon our deep regulatory and sectoral expertise to navigate and leverage this complexity for business success.
Relationship Advisory
Business success is all about human capital–the people who make up a team, and the people with whom the team can credibly connect. Genesis Block Advisory draws upon its broad rolodex of interpersonal and interinstitutional connections across the distributed ledger and digital asset space to help startup clients identify and cultivate the relationships crucial to success.
Product Consultation
For Clients New to DLT
Many clients come to Genesis Block with little actual experience deploying distributed ledger technology. From initial product development to protocol layer advisory to cost-benefit assessment of technology architecture and design, we work with such clients to assure that the resulting technical architecture exceeds both client and end-user expectations.
For DLT Experts
Some clients come to Genesis Block with world-class abilities in a particular area of distributed ledger technology. For these clients, Genesis Block offers a network of complementary experts whose experience assures comprehensive and holistic technical deployment - from design and planning to implementation and expansion.
Product Implementation
Whether you are building a stack from the ground up or enhancing an existing one, in house implementation is often infeasible. That’s why Genesis Block offers comprehensive project management services. We plan, cost, source, procure, monitor, and coordinate your technical deployment–so you don’t have to.
Product Diligence
All financial actors must work with the boundaries, limitations, and ambiguities of regulation. The onus of regulatory compliance is especially salient for financial actors that deploy distributed ledger technology. For the unfamiliar, the patchwork of relevant legislation, express and implicit action, and domains of expertise can be daunting.
Investment Banking Services
In a market often compared to the “Wild West,” the prospect of a DLT-driven primary market offering can unsettle even financial services industry veterans. GB Capital Markets offers a clear alternative–placement services that are neither cavalier nor overly cautious, but instead professional, comprehensive, and expedient. We work with clients to source and appropriately structure primary market offerings.
Strategic Partnerships
Asset Management
Genesis Block Asset Management invests in startups that are changing the financial industry and the way humans interact with technology. The Web 3 Fund is looking for startups at the intersection of distributed ledger technology and artificial intelligence.
To learn more about the types of businesses we foresee proliferating over the coming decade, keep a lookout for our forthcoming series, Future Use Cases We Love.
All securities transactions are conducted through our broker-dealer affiliate, GB Capital Markets Inc., member of FINRA and SIPC
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